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"Seagull, you fly across the horizon into the misty morning sun. Nobody asked you where you are going, Nobody knows where you're from..."

-Paul Rodgers, Bad Company

Seagull was captured during a sunset at Carlsbad State Beach in California. Sometimes the best photographs happen without warning, as was this case on a summer evening along the coast in southern California. Danette and I love to get our toes dirty and feet wet while looking for seashells during our frequent beach walks. The sunset just happened to be spectacular; the seagulls just happened to be upon us, and I just happened to snap a quick picture before it all went away.

This seascape means different things to me at different times.  Could it be the same seagull going over and over his same routine every day of his life and not moving forward? 

Maybe he's trapped in paradise and enjoying every minute of every day.  Maybe it's like what the song means- We are all searching for paradise in our lives, but we all seem to miss what's really important in life- the other seagulls flying with us on the same journey...

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