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"Jaded Heart"

I didn't know you, but I could see it in your eyes
Shattered dreams and hopes,

You'd been hurt too many times

Well I've heard your past from a friend I'd seen today.  Told me of your heart, that you had been away

How I wish I could take you away
I would show you that my love's not the same
But I see I've found you too late

Jaded heart
You look but don't see
Love in front of you
You can't believe
Jaded heart
Love can't get to you
To bring your heart to me

-Don Dokken

Jaded Heart was captured at The Subway at Zion National Park in Utah. The Subway hike at Zion National Park has been both joyous and almost devastating to me during my travels there. I've gotten lost twice on the scramble out of the canyon, with one trip requiring me to call Park Rangers to assist. Luckily I had a whistle fastened on my backpack as the Ranger kept saying, "Blow your whistle James!" so they could guide me on the right trail out of the dense pine forest above the ravine that winds its way to The Subway. The ten-mile day hike version requires a permit from the Zion Backcountry office. The front of The Subway can be seen on my profile picture with me treading slowly. This image is from the back of The Subway at the emerald pools.

To me, Jaded Heart shows a beautiful emerald - jade pool that represents a beautiful soul full of love to give, but like many of us, has learned to hide it away by building walls around it to keep the heart from being broken again.  The

leaves represent past loves or lives depending on your viewpoint.  

Once you truly open "The Subway" to your heart only then will you find true love and happiness in your life.  It's time to tear down the walls...

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