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"Road To Nowhere"

II was looking back on my life
And all the things I've done to me
I'm still looking for the answers
And I'm still searching for the key...

The wreckage of my past keeps haunting me.  It just won't leave me alone
I still find it all a mystery
Could it be a dream?

The road to nowhere leads to me.

Through all the happiness and sorrow
I guess I'd do it all again
Live for today and not tomorrow
It's still the road that never ends...

-Ozzy Osbourne

Road To Nowhere was captured near Kolob Reservoir in Utah on a cool Fall day. The golden-yellow leaves scatter along an old ranch road through a forest of aspen trees.  Danette and I took a drive out of Cedar City and ended up at the reservoir by chance.  Following the rough but drive-able path around the water I noticed this true "Road To Nowhere" meandering out of sight through the Aspen trees.

This is the kind of road that you just feel compelled to walk and explore; the same way as choosing a path in life will take you.  You're never quite sure but you are felt

drawn to it somehow.  I have taken many of these paths in my lifetime; some have taken me down dark roads I wish I had never explored, but others have taken me places where I have truly discovered myself and who I am as a person. This road to nowhere called out to me to find it just to remind me of the incredible journey I have traveled; and ultimately, I have ended up where I belong in life.  I have truly found myself and my happiness- Hopefully this artistic piece will help guide you on your own path down a Road To Nowhere to find yourself. 

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