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"Steppin' Over"

Never said I knew, All the right things to do
But I know when something's wrong
Why would you choose?

Some knew it, that you'd lose, once again
My trust is gone, Never gonna change
'Cause you made up your mind
Ain't nobody stopping you
Crossing that line

You're steppin' over - To the other side
We left a trail, It only appeals
To how it makes you feel inside
I know although it seems
The grass is growing and its always green
You're steppin' over to the other side

Wish I knew the way, All the right things to say
Only no way, You'd hear what I'd say
I remember when, You used to be a friend

I could talk to.  And I trusted you.
You say it doesn't matter, Did you want it this way?
Ain't nobody stopping you, Take it away...

Frank Hannon, Jeff Keith - Tesla

Stepping Over was taken at Kanarra Creek, a slot canyon in Kanarraville, Utah near the Kolob Canyons section of Zion National Park. The creek is actually the town's water supply, so local residents are a bit reluctant to let just anyone trespass in their drinking water. After treading lightly through some awesome slot canyons along the way, this old log ladder was still in useable shape to transcend and descend the falls. The smooth water effect was achieved by a 30-second long timed exposure.

To me Steppin' Over represents a choice in life; is life always greener on the other side?  The choices you make affect not just your own lifeline but others as well.  In the

end only your true happiness matters in life.  If you are not happy how can you make others happy?  Hopefully you surround yourself with the right people in your life who wish nothing but your happiness on this earth.

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