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ZOSO Baby! Visit My New Led Zeppelin Store!

I'm proud to announce the first of several Rock Group stores on my website,! The first of which features my pick for the #1 Hard Rock Band Of All Time-- Led Zeppelin! Go to the store now and find all things Led Zep!

The idea came from a discussion with my beautiful and talented wife The Rocker Chic about having my own music store. I explained that I could never find all the items I wanted for just one band in general on Amazon or Ebay, and she suggested, "Hey, why not just have your own stores for all your favorite bands right on your Rocker Website!"

Most of my items are through my affiliation with and other affiliations like from Sam Ash Music Stores, Best Buy, Wal Mart, and several others. It's great because I don't have to purchase the items to sell; I just get a small percentage of each sale from the affiliate partner. Basically, it's a way I can pass on some great deals to my friends, family, and website visitors without all the headache of running an actual store! Please visit my new store today and let me know what you think, ok? I plan on going right down the line with my list of favorite bands. Next up will be a store solely for fans of Black Sabbath! Rock On fellow Rockers! - James

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