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Rocker Review: Apocalyptic Lovers - Redemption Vol 1

apocalyptic lovers

Usually I avoid making trips to the mail box due to the overwhelming load of crap junk mail the postman shoves in there; sprinkled with bills you don’t want to open either! When the postman rings twice that’s usually a sign for more despair, but today it brought a sign of Hope… literally!

A box of hope was delivered from Dave Hope, drummer for the band Apocalyptic Lovers, fresh off their recent killer performance at The Whiskey A Go Go on the Sunset Strip opening for Dokken. This box of hope contained the newly remixed Redemption Volume I from Apocalyptic Lovers, and I couldn’t wait to check it out and do a Rocker review for Dave and the group.

I have to be cautious though, as mixing friends and album reviews sometimes can lead to its own Apocalyptic consequences! “Hope”fully I hope Hope will appreciate the honesty I bring to my reviews. (READ MY FULL REVIEW HERE!)

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